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Illustration clothing brand Snooze

Illustration: Why I set up an eco-friendly clothing brand inspired by tattoos

A lot of my illustration work draws from traditional tattoos. The vast majority is strictly line work and then my own take on some...
Natalie Fée is an environmentalist from Bristol.  She is the founder and CEO of City To Sea.

How I became an environmentalist

Nature's always been my sanctuary, my happy place since I was a kid. As I got older, I realised our relationship with nature was way...
Cheski Kennedy Wallbank on setting up sustainable business H2OSQD

The Apprentice’s Francesca Kennedy Wallbank: Why I started a sustainable business creating eco-friendly bottles

I’m Cheski, an adventure-seeking, sustainable-loving, road cycling enthusiast from Surrey. I’m a bit of a thrill-seeker and enjoy daring activities. I’ve bungee jumped tied...
Climate change

Climate change: Five things you can do to to make a difference

Climate change is on the world's agenda more than ever, not least because of David Attenborough's most recent film on Netflix, A Life on...
Plastic-free beauty swaps

Plastic-free beauty: Eco-friendly swaps for your skin

Making your own also means you aren't wasting the planet's precious resources on cheap plastic products.

How my passion for diving led to a career in oceanography

Plan A didn’t work out, and you have to always be ready for that, but that doesn’t mean Plan B, C or D wasn’t the best plan after all.
Dr Jessica Knapp is an ecologist

What it’s like to work as an ecologist

I guess I am a scientist. More specifically an ecologist. I'm keen to break the stereotype of people in lab coats.
Plastic-free periods

Plastic-free periods: One way you can help the environment

One thing you can do to really make a difference to the future of the planet is to use alternatives.