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Cheski Kennedy Wallbank on setting up sustainable business H2OSQD

Why I started a sustainable business creating eco-friendly bottles

I’m Cheski, an adventure-seeking, sustainable-loving, road cycling enthusiast from Surrey. I’m a bit of a thrill-seeker and enjoy daring activities. I’ve bungee jumped tied...
Climate change

Climate change: Five things you can do to to make a difference

Climate change is on the world's agenda more than ever, not least because of David Attenborough's most recent film on Netflix, A Life on...
Plastic-free beauty swaps

Plastic-free beauty: Eco-friendly swaps for your skin

Making your own also means you aren't wasting the planet's precious resources on cheap plastic products.

How my passion for diving led to a career in oceanography

Plan A didn’t work out, and you have to always be ready for that, but that doesn’t mean Plan B, C or D wasn’t the best plan after all.
Dr Jessica Knapp is an ecologist

What it’s like to work as an ecologist

I guess I am a scientist. More specifically an ecologist. I'm keen to break the stereotype of people in lab coats.
Plastic-free periods

Plastic-free periods: One way you can help the environment

One thing you can do to really make a difference to the future of the planet is to use alternatives.