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Period poverty

My fight against period poverty helped lead to free sanitary products in schools

I’m a 23-year-old classroom assistant from Belfast, but I'm also the founder of #freeperioduk, a campaign to eliminate period poverty. I started this project nearly...
Applying for university

Tips on applying for university

Studying a degree is a significant commitment and it’s a big decision. More than 20,000 don’t start their second year so it’s really important...
Sports scientist Shannon Moore

How I learned that where you come from doesn’t define you

Once you take that step on your own you will realise you are capable of achieving so much more than what you thought you could.
Premier League Inspires

Premier League Inspires: Students hear from leading women in business

More than 90 girls aged 12 to 13 took part in a Young Women’s Enterprise Conference as part of the Premier League Inspires programme in...
Natasha Williams, 22, she grew up in Brixton and her life was changed when she started horse riding.

Horse riding gave me the confidence to follow my dreams

I feel I’ve come a long way from that nervous child that came through the gates for my first riding lesson 10 years ago.

The podcast tackling tough subjects for teens

I launched UIO (You Inside Out) in 2017 exclusively for teenage girls, to give girls a modern and relevant platform to deal with issues...

Fantastic Female Adventurers: A book about brilliant women

Failure and mistakes, if they happen at all, are simply part of the learning process.
Monifa has a PHD in physics

How I broke down barriers to study physics at university

Being the first black woman to graduate with a PhD in physics feels great and not great.

What you can expect from Festival of the Girl

The festival’s ambition is to inspire and educate young girls to create the best version of their future selves.