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Lewes Football Club

Lewes Football Club – flying the flag for equality in football

Watching Lewes FC Women play I saw that women weren’t ‘naturally inferior’ and that, by extension, neither was I.
Lauren Sharkey

Young activists: The Generation Zs making a difference

Together, we can turn the fantasies of equality, freedom and ethics into realities. All we have to do is try.
Getting your GCSE results

A handy guide for those receiving their GCSE results

The trick is not to panic, take a deep breath and give yourself the head space to understand what this combination of letters and numbers actually means for your next step.
Sian Priggs helps young people think about their career options

What to do if you have no idea what your career options are

In the ever changing world of careers I look at four options you could consider after your exams.
Neptune Girls dance group

Empowering women through dance − why I created Neptune Girls

I didn’t have the dance opportunities I would have liked as child but I didn’t let that stop me.
Courgette and potato frittata.

Learn how to make a frittata with Lemon and Soul Cookery School

Katarina is on a mission to inspire everyone from children to teens to adults to fall in love with cooking and appreciate quality food.
Mixing music and journaling to heal

How I use music and journaling to help people to heal

We don’t always get our dreams in the way that we had once envisioned them, but if we keep believing and taking action towards them, then those dreams really can come true.

How my passion for diving led to a career in oceanography

Plan A didn’t work out, and you have to always be ready for that, but that doesn’t mean Plan B, C or D wasn’t the best plan after all.
Be confident

How to feel confident and accept that you are enough

Choose to show up, show the world what you’ve got and empower other ladies to do the same.