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How to cook salmon

Get inspired to cook with Lemon and Soul cookery school

Katrina is on a mission to inspire everyone from children, teens and adults to fall in love with cooking and appreciate quality food.
Gender Equality Charter

The Gender Equality Collective: Let’s change the world together

My lightbulb moment came when I was recruiting a couple of new technologists for my team. I suddenly realised that I hadn’t seen a single female CV.
Bex and Charlotte, co founders of Generation Tribe

Why we started Generation Tribe with a mission to inspire and empower women and...

We thought the best way to promote the idea that you can do anything you want with your life is to show you exactly that.
Niomi Lindfors speaks five languages

I can speak five languages, despite being born with a hearing impairment

I'm really bad at patting myself on the back and giving myself compliments. I work with this as well as I’m a therapist. But it's important to celebrate our wins.
Claire Dixon-Hill, The Girls' Network

The Girls’ Network: Supporting girls from disadvantaged communities to follow their dreams

Don’t worry if you don’t know what you want to do, you will gain momentum as you keep trying new things.
Stay safe online

Stay safe online and understand the dangers

The internet is a fantastic place to socialise, explore interests and learn, but it’s not without risk and it’s important to be clued up about the dangers.

The Suffragettes: Who were they and what they did

The WSPU decided that a more direct approach was needed and “Deeds not Words” became their motto.
Uncover your passion

Uncover your passion: Tips on how to decide what to do with your life

Find out what it is that you love and what excites you. Excitement is your compass – follow that joy.
Volunteer with the National Citizen Service (NCS)

Volunteering can help build your skills and confidence

NCS aims to help young people develop greater confidence, self-awareness and responsibility.