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Sexual harrassment in schools and colleges

Sexual harrassment in schools and colleges ‘normalised’

Educating young people on consent, improved handling of harassment allegations and high-quality training for teachers on relationships and sex education would all help to...
Katrina Dilnot wants to raise awareness of breast cancer

Why I used TikTok to raise awareness of breast cancer symptoms

I had been going back and forth to the hospital after finding a tiny pebble-like bump under my breast in May 2020. At first, the...
Hannah set up a mental health podcast

Why I set up a mental health podcast sharing people’s stories

Six years ago, I hit rock bottom and had totally lost my identity. I'd always struggled to accept myself due to years of chronic...
Elan Wales, Young People's Board for Change

Young people given chance to play key role in NSPCC

Young people have the opportunity to play a defining role in the NSPCC’s mission to prevent child abuse, with the launch of a new...
Bex Gunn, co-founder of The Worst Girl Gang, which addresses miscarriage and pregnancy loss

Why we started a podcast on miscarriage and pregnancy loss

With 1 in 4 pregnancies ending in miscarriage, unfortunately, so many women will experience the loss of a baby in their lifetime. Two women on...
Laura Chegwidden on living with MS

What it’s like to be diagnosed with MS

Research student Laura Chegwidden lives in Bexhill-on-Sea and was diagnosed with MS (multiple sclerosis) in September last year. Currently studying a PhD in cancer...
Get active with This GIrl Can

Why I encourage women to get active with This Girl Can

Working a deskbound job in accounts, Zoe Ward used to describe herself as ‘totally inactive’. It wasn’t until she suffered from post-natal anxiety with...
Children's Mental Health WeekWeek

Top tips from Childline for Children’s Mental Health Week

At Childline, we know how challenging the past ten months since the first national lockdown has been for young people. The pandemic has turned...
life lessons with Kiran Singh

The life lessons I’ve learned and my advice to you

When I turned 43 I felt softer, whole, more radiant and embodied than I ever have before. I felt more at home within myself, with...