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Dancer Chloe Hewitt appeared on Strictly Come Dancing

How I became a professional dancer – and even worked on Strictly

Never give up, and never listen to the people who tell you you can’t achieve that dream, because you can.
Emma Guard, seamstress

How I became a seamstress specialising in bridalwear

Without my work experience I wouldn’t have known what direction to take my career.
Uncover your passion

Uncover your passion: Tips on how to decide what to do with your life

Find out what it is that you love and what excites you. Excitement is your compass – follow that joy.
Frankie Peck works for the BBC.

Working at the BBC: How I landed a job on The Politics Show

For anyone wanting to work in TV or for the BBC I would say you have got to know your stuff, be persistent and hope for a fair wind.

How I became a fashion illustrator

The best thing about the work is that it’s varied and you never know what sort of job is coming from one week to the next.
Volunteer with the National Citizen Service (NCS)

Volunteering can help build your skills and confidence

NCS aims to help young people develop greater confidence, self-awareness and responsibility.
Journalist Bex Bastable interviewing Brian May

This is how I got my first journalism job

Get an NCTJ Diploma – it’s essential – and try to secure work placements so you get a chance to impress the people in charge.
Amy Davis works in visual effects and animation

How I got a job in visual effects and animation

I wish I could time travel back to the 90s and tell myself one day my name would be in those credits on screen.
Lisa Richards on working at Disney World in Florida

What it’s like to live and work at Disney World

I’ve always been a Disney girl, and Walt Disney World has always been my favourite place in the world.