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How my passion for diving led to a career in oceanography

Plan A didn’t work out, and you have to always be ready for that, but that doesn’t mean Plan B, C or D wasn’t the best plan after all.
Lucy Pearson on how to make money blogging

Here’s how to travel the world and make money blogging

There's millions of pounds to be made while travelling to some of the world’s best places, and here are some tips on how to go about it.
Rushina Shah, co-founder of healthy snack Not.Corn

They said my business idea was impossible − I showed them it wasn’t

I have always known that I would eventually start my own business and have always been driven to do so. I keep inspired knowing that if I don’t make my business a success, no-one will.
icky Booker is a personal stylist and coach based in West Sussex

I quit my corporate job to become a personal stylist

I absolutely love what I do – inspiring, encouraging and empowering women (and men) to present themselves in the best way for them.
Vicki Hughes, Fugu PR

They said I’d never amount to anything – but now I run my own...

I’m still proving wrong the people who told me that I would never amount to anything.
Embrace who you are

Embrace who you are: Tips on how to decide what to do with your...

It is important you realise that everyone is different and that is ok. In fact, it’s more than ok – it’s amazing, and it means that your job is to uncover what your unique gift is.
Niomi Lindfors speaks five languages

I can speak five languages, despite being born with a hearing impairment

I'm really bad at patting myself on the back and giving myself compliments. I work with this as well as I’m a therapist. But it's important to celebrate our wins.
Claire Dixon-Hill, The Girls' Network

The Girls’ Network: Supporting girls from disadvantaged communities to follow their dreams

Don’t worry if you don’t know what you want to do, you will gain momentum as you keep trying new things.
Career change

Careers don’t have to be set in stone – why it doesn’t matter if...

There was no limit to Madonna's ambition and she wasn't a stereotype, she was turning that definition on its head: by empowering herself, and being blonde, and ambitious, on her own terms.