Embrace who you are: Tips on how to decide what to do with your life

Kitty Waters is the founder of Kitty Talks and is a transformational teacher and serial entrepreneur based in Sussex.

Embrace who you are

Step one looked at unlocking your passion. Step two is about embracing who you are.

Embrace who you are

What does this mean? Well basically, it’s ok to be different. You’re not meant to be the same as everyone else.

Teenage years are tough. We spend most of our time thinking we are not good enough and wanting to fit in.

But I am here to tell you it’s ok not to be the same as everyone else.

Be unique

An important concept in this series is that you are unique and you must embrace this.


It is important you realise that everyone is different and that is ok. In fact, it’s more than ok – it’s amazing, and it means that your job is to uncover what your unique gift is.

We all have things we are naturally good at, we just have to find them. So the fact your friend is sporty and maybe you are not is fine. It’s not a competition. That’s maybe her thing, your job is to find your thing.

What’s your thing?

We all have things we are good at, they just happen to be different from one another.

Have fun finding your unique gifts. A way of doing this is asking those around you what they think you are particularly good at. They will be able to see this clearer than you – when we are good at things we tend to take them for granted.

So remember to follow and try out your passions, and be sure to start to recognise what you are uniquely gifted in. These two things alone will unveil a satisfying and rewarding life.

If you haven’t read step one, find it here: Uncover your passion

About Kitty

Kitty’s mission is to empower people to do their dharma and create the life of their dreams.

She is the co-creator of The Network for Transformational Leaders, a non-profit and peer group for people doing Transformation work.

Kitty has a 20-year background in business, having built departments and companies from scratch, she was a shareholder in a James Cann Recruitment firm (Dragons Den) Business which sold for £52 million in 2015.

Kitty launched Kitty Talks in the spring of 2017. Her coaching and the Kitty Talks Podcast de-mystifies ‘dharma’ for people to make the concept clear and understandable.

She is also a fully trained Reiki Master and NLP Practitioner.

Connect with Kitty

To find out more visit: www.kittywaters.com
Twitter: @kittywaters
Instagram: kitty_talks


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