Sistery History: Why we started a podcast celebrating women

Rebecca Hansell and Rhea Brooks are the creators of Sistery History a podcast about badass women you should have heard of.

Sistery History

Currently just wrapped on season one, Sistery History: Badass Women You Should Have Heard Of is the brainchild of Rebecca and Rhea – a Southerner and a Northerner who want to educate themselves, each other and anyone who will listen to some incredible stories of invention, adventure, education, achievement and general badass-ery.

They explain how a chat over coffee turned into a brilliant podcast.

How it all began

In late 2018, we met in a coffee shop in Hammersmith, London to brainstorm ideas of how we could broaden our horizons and celebrate our shared interest in the natural world and environmental issues.

After one too many lattes, the conversation turned to how many amazing stories of women there are that have not had a sufficient platform to shine upon. Inadvertently, the podcast ‘Sistery History’ was born, and we have never looked back.

Badass women you should have heard of

Season one consists of 20 episodes covering big names such as Jane Goodall and lesser-known gems such as Mary Anning.


We talk inclusive feminism, the importance of education, our top Netflix picks and try and answer the age-old question of Domino’s or Papa John’s? 

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Fantastic Female Adventurers: A book about brilliant women

We wanted to talk about these incredible women from history and the modern-day to spur ourselves on to be the women that we want to be and hopefully inspire others to do the same – no matter what your gender, your beliefs, your background, whatever, we think there is a story amongst the ones that we tell that will help inspire you to live to your full potential.

Life is full of struggle and obstacles, it is easy to let life get you down but these tales of women overcoming adversity, illness and sexism will empower us all to be the person we want to be.

Looking to the future

With the season one finale having dropped at the end of 2019, we already have our sights set on a bigger, better season two which is full to the brim with bloody marvellous badass-ery.

However, whilst you wait for season two to fill your earholes, you can catch up on Season one, if you haven’t tuned in already, wherever you listen to your podcasts; Spotify, Apple Podcasts, YouTube etc.

We are proudly hosted by Pippa, and our episodes can also be found at: 

We’d also love to hear from you and your thoughts on our podcast, you can follow us on all the usual social media we are @SisteryHistory on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and you can get in touch with us directly by emailing – we’d love to hear your feedback, your recommendations and also the stories of badass women in your lives. We know you have them!”

Celebrating women

Women are vastly underrepresented in most areas of society.

We hope to become one of the platforms that young people can turn to for inspiration and education in the face of a sometimes-scary world.

Generation Tribe and Sistery History are perfect examples of what can be achieved when women take action and strive to make change for good.

If Sistery History can be one small cog in the machine that improves the situation of women and helps value to be put on equality – then we will be two very smiley podcasters.


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