What it is like setting up a business with your sister

Lauren , 29, lives in Aylesbury and Effie, 25, lives in Stone, Buckinghamshire. They are the founders of chocolate business NaughtySlabs.

NaughtySlabs was set up September 2020 and it was done as we were both out of jobs due to covid.

Why we set it up

Lauren was a cleaner and I worked back of house in a theatre. We didn’t want to let our anxiety get the better of us so we needed to find something to keep our heads busy and keep ourselves and everyone else laughing and smiling.

What it is like running your own business

We are constantly learning whilst running the business as we didn’t expect it to grow so big so quickly. Lauren does more of the making side whilst I, Effie, do more of the admin and packing side to make sure we are doing everything right and ensuring we have a high standard of quality control.

What it is like working with my sister

Working with my sister is amazing. We actually never used to talk to each other and weren’t good friends at all and avoided each other at all costs. When covid came around it gave us a new perspective on life and what we were missing so we made friends.
Lauren had started a chocolate business and needed help so I came on board and the rest is history.
Since the start we’ve spoken to each other nearly every day and as a little sister, it’s really nice to have my big sister around again to look out for me.
Lauren is a great person and has so many brilliant ideas so it’s been wonderful to have her around, we’re perfectly yin and yang for the business. Lauren is so creative and artistic whereas I’m more business-y, it works out really well for us as we balance each other out with skills. Whilst there are challenges with us being sisters and being that involved in each other’s lives I wouldn’t have it any other way.

My advice

The advice I would give to someone setting up their own business is HAVE A PLAN!

Expect the unexpected and always make sure you know what you’re talking about. If you’re not skilled in certain things you need to know then take a course and for the love of god, don’t try and do your taxes yourself, just get an accountant! It’s worth it!

What we love about our business

The thing we love most about our business is just how funny it is. Whenever someone asks me what I do for work it’s always interesting to get their responses! It’s also great working for yourself, you get to pick your own hours and be your own boss.
Don’t get me wrong, running a business full time is really hard work but it really is worth it. There can be a more sentimental side to us, we recently helped someone come out to his mum with a custom slab for him to give to her, all went well, and it was so rewarding to know we had helped someone on that journey as we are both gay and had been in the same boat as him before.
We’re so lucky to do what we do and can’t thank our customers enough for their constant support of us.


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