Women’s football: What it is like being part of a groundbreaking football movement

Isobel Daton is a centre midfielder player for Lewes FC, she has been with the club for two years.

Initially I came to Lewes FC for the football only as I didn’t know much about the club other than a few comments here and there about equality. However, upon arrival and over the past year I’ve become so indulged into the culture and morals of the club and I hold them so close to my heart. 

What is it like being a member of Lewes Football Club?

Special. There is literally no club at all like Lewes. I feel proud everyday to wear the Lewes shirt and especially in front of our loyal fans. It’s truly an honour to represent this town and club. 

Equality FC 

Equality FC is a groundbreaking movement. I think the people in this club that have created this initiative stand for all the right values, and in doing so attract likeminded individuals to the club.

To have a club and people around you that support men as equal to women, in such a male dominated field like football is powerful. We are treated parallel to our male counterparts and supported in every way that is equal.

Have you seen an increase in the women’s team since England won the Euros?

It has been incredible but something that should have happened a long time ago. The investments have started rolling in for players and clubs, and the fan numbers at matches have gone through the roof which is amazing, and we as female footballers deserve this type of recognition 


How has the perception of women’s football changed?

We are now taken serious. We are seen as professional athletes and that we are talented in our fields. 

What would you say to someone who hasn’t been to Lewes FC before?

You can’t possibly envision what Lewes FC is like. To truly understand you have to experience it for yourself, and immerse yourself in the people, values and general atmosphere that the club brings.

It’s an inclusive, and enjoyable club who welcomes anyone and everyone from all areas of the globe to come together for a greater good than football. 

What plans are there for the future?

This club will always strive to make an impact in every way it can, the club is continually growing in a positive direction and I’m excited to see and be apart of what this club will go on to be in the future.


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